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Based on our extensive experience of designing hardware and software tools since '1992, MicroLAB Systems offers Custom Hardware and Software Design Service on Customer Specification using  TI TMS320 DSP and TI ARM cores, Xilinx FPGA, Freescale PPC and PowerQUICC processors,  Atmel and TI microcontrollers, and more...

Since our inception in '1992, we have offered a variety of innovative and original solutions for DSP-based hardware design. The introduction of the original TORNADO and MIRAGE product lines set the standard of excellence for signal processing in both the Russian Federation as well as worldwide. Today we welcome Customers to take advantage of our 23+ years of business experience and signal processing expertise to make the perfect product designed specifically for your success..

Custom designed hardware can either embed off-the-shelf solutions and products from MicroLAB Systems, or it can be designed from scratch. If your budget is tight and your schedule is short, we can modify and adapt our standard products to meet your specification thus keeping the time and cost of design to a minimum. We can design separate system components (boards, units, etc.), or entire systems in a specified form factor.

Furthermore, we can manufacture the designed hardware in small quantities at our facilities and deliver completely tested functional units to the Customer.

We use the latest state of the art top performance and low power components from Texas Instruments, Xilinx, Lattice Semiconductor, Freescale, Analog Devices, Linear Technology, Atmel, IDT, Cypress and other companies to design our TORNADO and MIRAGE products. This allows us to design competitive and long life cycle products. Some of our products are currently manufactured with minor modifications for the past 13 years!. We'll use components from these proven manufacturers for the design of hardware on Customer specifications wherever it is possible to do.

We use the latest architectural solutions and industry standard high-speed interfaces (Serial RapidIO, 10GbE, 10GBASE-BX4/XAUI, SFP+, USB, PCIe, etc) and industry standard form factors (PICMG Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC)  and MicroTCA,  FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC), ExpressCard, etc.) to build our TORNADO and MIRAGE products in order to provide maximum industrial compatibility and to extend product life time to the maximum lifecycle possible. We recommend  that the Customer exploit this concept for the design of hardware wherever it is possible to do.

We widely use a modular concept in our TORNADO products. This allows us to add outstanding flexibility to our products, to extend application areas, to simplify product line extension, to improve technical support and modification, and for sure to isolate and speed-up the design process.. We'll recommend  that the Customer exploit this concept for the design of hardware wherever it is possible to do.

We use only proven state of the art software building blocks including embedded RTOS (Embedded Linux, DSP-BIOS, ThreadX, FreeRTOS etc.), GUI API libraries (Qt, GUIX etc), network API libraries (NetX, LwIP, etc.), file system support libraries (FAT32, NTFS, FileX etc, driver development kits (DDK), our original and 3rd party IPs (intellectual property) and SDK (software development kits), and many more software tools to design the software and firmware for our TORNADO and MIRAGE products. This provides modular concept, reliability, long life time, full features support and update for designed software and firmware. We use these proven tools for the design of software and firmware used in the custom hardware designed to the Customer's specifications.

We use only proven state of the art development tools , i.e. Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio, Freescale CodeWarrior, Xilinx ISE and Vivado, Atmel Design Studio etc., our proven MIRAGE universal high-speed JTAG/MPSD emulators for TI DSP/ARM, and more tools to design and debug software and firmware for our TORNADO and MIRAGE products. This allows us to dramatically reduce the project time and to guarantee reliable functionality of designed products. We use these proven development tools on the designs built to the Customer's specifications.

We never design all system components. This is a waste of time and money for our Customer. We only design the unique and not available system components and use off-the-shelf solutions from our partner companies to build a complete systems. This simple approach allows us to keep design time and project cost to a minimum. It also guarantees reliable system functionality, simple components replacement and update, and good technical support . We recommend  that the Customer use this approach for the system design wherever it is possible to do.

We never undertake every custom design presented to us. We work with the Customer to refine a design that will reduce risk and increase reliability. We will then proceed with only those projects, which we can guarantee to complete perfectly with excellent follow-on support.

We are committed to your satisfaction. We are ready to help you understand what you actually need and to find the best optimal solution for you.

You are welcome!

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