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Texas InstrumentsFreescale Power PC Processors
PICMG Open Modular Computing Standards
PICMG Advance Mezzanine Card (AMC) Specification
PICMG MicroTCA Specification



Featured Products

TORNADO-Axxx and T/AX-DSFPX AMC-modules for MicroTCA and AdvancedTCA Systems

TORNADO-Axxx and T/AX-xxxx AMC-modules for MicroTCA and AdvancedTCA DSP systems

  • TORNADO-Axxx AMC-modules with DSP, FPGA and FMC-site for MicroTCA and  AdvancedTCA DSP systems and stand-alone/embedded applications.

  • T/AX-xxxx AMC-modules with network interfaces for distributed MicroTCA and  AdvancedTCA systems.


TAMMC SDK - AMC MMC Software Development Kit

Software development kit (SDK) for PICMG AMC Module Management Controller (MMC) firmware kernel. Includes TAMMC EVM board for immediate test of MMC code and evaluation of required resources.

MIRAGE-NE1/NC2 Single/Dual-channel JTAG/MPSD Emulators for TI DSP and TI ARM


MIRAGE-Nxx JTAG/MPSD Emulators for TI TMS320 DSP and TI ARM

Universal high-speed single/dual-channel JTAG/MPSD emulators for TI TMS320 DSP and TI ARM cores.

TORNADO-RS1 RF-signal and bitstream data recorder

TORNADO-RS Recorders

High-capacity multi-channel recording and playback systems for RF-signals and high-speed bit-stream data.


Software Development Tools

Software development tools for DSP and microcontrollers. Emulators, SDK.


Custom Hardware and Software Design

Customs Software and Hardware Design Service

MicroLAB Systems offers Custom Design service to design hardware and software for TI DSP, Xilinx FPGA, TI ARM-based CPU/MC, Freescale PPC/PowerQUICC processors, and Atmel and TI microcontrollers on Customer specifications.



  20.07.2017 Version v.1B of our industry first TORNADO-A6678/FMC single width AMC-module with multicore DSP, high-density FPGA and FMC-site is released. Several new features are available. Learn more...
  23.05.2017 MicroLAB Systems has conducted the technical seminar "Building High-performance Multichannel DSP Systems in MicroTCA Form-factor with TORNADO DSP AMC Modules" in "Cosmos" hotel (Moscow, Russia). Read and download the materials of seminar at ML-Press...
  08.01.2017 MicroLAB Systems unveils the '2017 roadmap for TORNADO-Axxx product line of AMC-modules with multi-core DSP, high-capacity FPGA and FMC-site. Learn more...
  08.01.2017 Industry first unique TORNADO-A6678/FMC AMC-module with DSP, FPGA and FMC-site is released. Learn more...
  07.04.2016 New paper "TORNADO-RxMTCA Distributed Multichannel Radio-monitoring Systems" is published in Russian 'Components and Technologies' magazine (April-2015). Read and download it at ML-Press...
  15.02.2016 Application note "TORNADO-RxMTCA Distributed Multichannel Radio-monitoring Systems" is available. Read and download it at ML-Press...
  05.02.2016 MicroLAB Systems and "Radioservice" company (Russia) will present new exciting product line of Modular Multi-channel Radio-monitoring Systems at 20-th international expo "TB-Forum" (Security & Safety Technologies) at Crocus Congress Hall (Moscow, Russia), February 9-11, 2016. Booth #B30.
  04.02.2016 New paper "Rubic's Radiocude: Building a Multichannel Radio Monitoring System" is published in "Information Security - Inside" Russian magazine (Jan-2016). Read and download it at ML-Press...
  07.12.2015 MicroLAB System released T/AX-DSFPX network AMC-module with two LAN/WAN 10GbE SFP+ ports for distributed MicroTCA and AdvancedTCA systems. Learn more...
  18.05.2015 MicroLAB System site now has a brand new view with Russian language support added. Also available are now domain aliases  www.mlabsys.ru and www.microlabsystems.ru for domestic Russian users.
  14.05.2015 MicroLAB Systems announces TORNADO-RS1 Gen3 - 3rd generation of RF-signal and Bitstream Data Recorder in 1U chassis. Learn more...
  30.04.2015 Version v.1B of TORNADO-A6678 AMC-module is released. Several enhancements are available. Learn more...
  29.04.2015 MicroLAB Systems releases TORNADO-AMC Module Management Controller (MMC) SDK (TAMMC SDK) bundled with TAMMC EVM  board is available. Learn more...
  25.11.2014 MicroLAB Systems and N.A.T. GmbH (www.nateurope.com) signed an agreement for reselling  N.A.T. hardware products at Russian Federation territory area. Since that, N.A.T. PICMG MicroTCA building blocks (MCH, PMU, chassis, etc) are available from MicroLAB Systems to assembly complete DSP/FPGA systems in MicroTCA form-factor.
  30.05.2014 An opening component of new -modules product line from MicroLAB Systems is delivered - an ultra-high performance TORNADO-A6678 rev.1A AMC-module with TI TMS320C6678 DSP and Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA for PICMG MicroTCA/AdvancedTCA and stand-alone/embedded applications. Learn more...
  17.11.2011 Industry first MIRAGE-NE1 universal JTAG/MPSD emulator with ExpressCard/PCIe form-factor for TI TMS320 DSP and TI ARM processors is released. Learn more...
  15.03.2011 An opening component of new RF-signal and High-speed Bit-stream Data Recorder product line from MicroLAB Systems is released -  TORNADO-RS1 rev.1A RF-signals Recorder in 2U chassis. Learn more...


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